The Plot of The Story of Hyouka:

Oreki Hotaro is minimalistic high school boy. One day, he joins the Classic Literature Club at his elder sister’s request. There he meets Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi, and Ibara Mayaka. Chitanda is a calm beautiful girl but she turns into an embodiment of curiosity once she says, “I’m interested in it (Watashi, Kininarimasu)”. Fukube is a smiling boy with a fantastic memory who calls himself a database.

Ibara is a short girl and is strict with others and herself. She loves Fukube, but he always dodges her approaches. They begin to investigate a case that occurred 33 years ago. Hints of the mystery are buried in an old collection of works of the former members of Classics Club. The collection is titled “Hyouka.”

Download Links: 

Episode 1: http://adf.ly/DT3XT

Episode 2: http://adf.ly/DT3YQ

Episode 3: http://adf.ly/DT3ZE

Episode 4: http://adf.ly/DT3a8

Episode 5: http://adf.ly/DT3bJ

Episode 6: http://adf.ly/DT3cP

Episode 7: http://adf.ly/DT3di

Episode 8: http://adf.ly/DT3f5

Episode 9: http://adf.ly/DT3gL

Episode 10: http://adf.ly/DT3i0

Episode 11.5: http://adf.ly/DT3oA

Episode 11: http://adf.ly/DT3p5

Episode 12: http://adf.ly/DT3pd

Episode 13: http://adf.ly/DT3qm

Episode 14: http://adf.ly/DT3uL

Episode 15: http://adf.ly/DT3vB

Episode 16: http://adf.ly/DT3wH

Episode 17: http://adf.ly/DT3xC

Episode 18: http://adf.ly/DT3y5

Episode 19: http://adf.ly/DT3ys

Episode 20: http://adf.ly/DT3za

Episode 21: http://adf.ly/DT40R

Episode 22: http://adf.ly/DT41S


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