6 comments on “Group photo of Asuna, Silica, Lisbeth, Lyfa, Sinon, Agil, Klein and Kirito in Real Life!

  1. Should you are during the Denver area, you have to have Anthony’s pizza. It is awesome. I also ate some fantastic pizza in a an area in Cherry creek North shopping center called Armando’s but it is really also significantly from me.

  2. I pulled the trigger on what I do think may be the most restricted edition (which means paint color), the Hemi-Orange one particular. Hope it wasn’t a mistake but if only 1500 of this color were being manufactured, it must be quite collectable during the near future. It’ll look fantastic in my son’s collection.

  3. In Cambridge MA (ideal around the corner from Elizabeth Warren’s home!), it is really Stone Hearth Pizza, Emma’s Pizza near Kendall Square, and Upper Crust Pizza near Harvard Square. Greatest homemade pizza innovation I have arrive across (h/t NYT) is to use soft flour (not all-purpose) to make the dough: the lower protein/gluten content material can make it easier to stretch the dough and get incredible thin-crust pizza at your home.

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